Acquisition of Food Vendors Certificate (Restaurant/Eating Houses)

1. Who can Apply
All individuals or organizations wishing to operate a restaurant or eating house (chop bar) within the Metropolis.

2. How to Apply
i. You purchase application form from the Cash Offices of the various sub-metros
ii. Complete in full the application form and submit it to the Metro Environmental Health Officer at the Assembly’s main office, Sekondi.

You will be required to indicate on the form the type of business, ownership, location and provide other relevant documents (ie. Introductory letter from Ghana Tourist Board {GTB} where applicable)

3. Requirements
i. Must have registered with the Registrar General’s Department and been issued with Business Registration Certificate.
ii. Introduction letter from Ghana Tourist Board.
iii. The Premises must meet the required health standards
iv. Attendants must be certified by the Environmental Health Division to be in good health and operate under hygienic conditions.

4. Processing of Application
i. A joint team of personnel from Environmental Health Division, Finance Department and City Engineer’s outfit are detailed to undertake inspection of applicant’s premises and submit report on findings within three (3) working days of submission of application form.
ii. The Metro Environmental Health Officer makes appropriate recommendations to the Assembly within two (2) working days after the team’s inspection.
iii. Upon approval by the Assembly, license is issued to the applicant at a prescribed fee within two (2) working days after Metro Environmental Health Officer’s recommendation to the Assembly.

Fee charged by the Assembly depends on the type, size and location of the business. Fees are subject to change and regulated by fee fixing resolution adopted by the Assembly annually.