Chief Director at Western Regional Co-Ordinating Council Interacts With Staff Of STMA

by STMA / June 17th, 2023 /
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The Chief Director at the Western Regional Co-ordinating Council (WRCC), Mr. Frederick Agyeman has called on staff of MMDAs to uphold professionalism by sticking to timelines and give up their very best for improved productivity. He revealed that performance of local government staff are monitored and evaluated by the public as well as other government machineries of which most staff are unaware. He hinted that, it is of great essence for all staff to be punctual to work and make their presence count on the call to public service. Mr. Agyeman passionately appealed to staff to uphold the confidentiality code of ethics at all times and not to leak sensitive information to the public through the media for discussions. He also prevailed upon all local government staff to treat their clients with utmost respect at all aspects of their work delivery. He informed staff that there has been an installation of a Human Resource Information System at the Regional Office to take care of the change in management unit and other human resource related matters. Post Image

The Regional Chief Director (RCD) made these comments during an official working visit to STMA to acquaint himself with the working environment. The visit forms part of the RCC’s monitoring and supervisory role over the activities and performance of MMDAs in the region. The Metropolitan Co-ordinating Director, Mr. John Nana Owu appealed to the RCD to use his good office to advocate for replacement of staff at the MMDAs since the weight of locally engaged staff burdens the resources of the Assemblies. He explained that some staff in STMA have spent over 10 years since their engagement and added that when the opportunity is given, majority of staff in such category could be absorbed to ease the pressure on the Assembly’s Internally Generated Fund (IGF).

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An Administrative Officer at the Assembly also appealed for the number of years served by officers to be considered during conversion to the professional grades. She opined that people have served and gained experience but are made by the current guidelines of conversion to begin their grades and levels at the starting point of the professional grade. In admonition, the Chief Director thanked the staff for their audience with assurance that he would table all their concerns to the Office of the Head of Local Government Service for a lasting solution.