Under this cluster, the project focuses on cross-cutting eco-interventions that are rooted in a commitment to social inclusion, sustainable livelihoods and gender equity to create a climate-resilient city.

Specifically, the project will ensure the formulation of Climate Resilience Local Policy and eco-Disaster Risk Reduction Plan through participatory processes. To mitigate against the twin-challenge of environmental degradation and lack of employment opportunities for women and youth, the Project promotes the employability and entrepreneurship capacity of vulnerable groups through skills training and support for green social enterprises for sustainable and climate resilient local economy.

Specific Objective: To Contribute in Realising a Sustainable, and Climate-Resilient City

Activities to be Implemented:

  • Public consultations with local communities on climate resilient local public policy.
  • Preparation of an eco-Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan.
  • Plant 5,000 ornamental trees to address environmental degradation and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change on livelihoods at community level.
  • Climate-resilient schools’ educational campaign.
  • Develop a Skills and Entrepreneurship Training Centre on Climate-Smart Production Technologies and Green Building.
  • Skills development training for 150 unemployed youth and women in green social enterprises.
  • Pilot community-based production of 100 eco-friendly ovens.