As part of interventions being implemented under the Multi-Level Urban Governance cluster under the Twin-cities in Sustainable Partnership Project (TCSPP), 12 quarterly campaigns on municipal taxation have been earmarked for implementation throughout the project life-cycle. The ultimate aim of the awareness campaigns is to enhance internal revenue mobilization through the widening of tax net and voluntary compliance. 3rd quarter 2022 Campaign to Identify Non-Rate/Fee Payers, Expand the Tax-Net & Encourage Unionization of Businesses for Fee Fixing Engagements 2022 QUARTER-3)

The Team on municipal taxation from 8th -13th September, 2022 had media engagements with Connect Fm, ROK, and Skyy Fm to encourage the unionization of Businesses for Fee-fixing engagement. The unionization of businesses is geared towards broadening stakeholder involvement in fee-fixing engagements to boost IGF generation by broadening the tax net. Audio materials(jiggles) are also developed to be disseminated through the Assembly’s mobile van to educate the general public on the benefits of unionization of local businesses. .

For the first quarter (2022) awareness campaign, a breakfast meeting was held between the local business community and the city authority on April 12, 2022, to create opportunities for effective coordination and collaboration between players in the local economy and STMA in expanding opportunities for the local businesses to network with potential partners through the Ghana-Sicily Business Forum.

For the second quarter (2022), an engagement was held on July 29, 20222 to elicit support in educating rate-payers on municipal rates and fees from the Revenue Collectors, Revenue Superintendents, and Administrators at Sub-Metropolitan Councils (Sekondi, Essikado-Ketan, and Takoradi Sub-Metros).