CoST-STMA Introduces More Effective Way To Monitor Progress Of Projects By MMDAs

by STMA / July 6th, 2023 /
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CoST – STMA has introduced the Infrastructural Analytical Dashboard (IAD) and the Electronic Infrastructural Monitoring Tool (E-IMT) to empower and assist stakeholders to participate in local infrastructure governance. The digital tools will also enable the conduct of independent monitoring of ongoing and completed infrastructural projects within their respective districts. At the launch, the CoST Programme Coordinator, Mr. Aziz Mahmoud pointed out that the IAD is a digital tool that filters infrastructural data from the disclosure portal and as well uses info-graphic tools to analyze data in a simplified format. He indicated that the tools enable for independent social audit of projects and allows for constructive engagementbetween local government officialsand project beneficiaries. Mr. Aziz implored upon all the Planning Officers to constantly upload projects onto the disclosure portal so that the reflection on grounds would be at par with the informationon the dashboard. He revealed that the tool was designed for all to get the best out of the programmes and projects embarked upon by the Assemblies adding, it would enable the public thus communities, monitoring groups, civil society organizations, the media, to conduct assessment on the progress of the construction phase of an infrastructural project and provide feedback to procurement entities and other relevant stakeholders for action. Post Image

The Project Consultant, Nana Baisie who explained the IAD to participants mentioned that the introduction of the new IAD and the E-MIT exhibits a smart approach to assessing information within the shortest time. He indicated that the old system, thus the disclosure portal, was information rich but too detailed and time consuming which could bore its readers from assessing all needed information. He pointed out that the new tool would give more information to save time and doubts by stakeholders who wish to have information on projects within their communities. During open forum, a journalist questioned how the media could hold duty bearers accountable since policy communication has become politicized with some projects happening in communities without the knowledge of the respective Assemblies.

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To this, Mr. Mahamoud explained that such projects mainly from GNPC Foundation, CODA and others were exceptional cases. He thus implored all stakeholders at the local level to add their voices in curbing this negative phenomenon. He however added that Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) should make it a point to proactively disclose project and contract information on the avenues that have been provided by CoST to enhance transparency andaccountability. The programme was duly launched by Hon. Presiding Members of the 8 operational areas of CoST, Traditional Leaders, selected Heads of Departments and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies led by Hon. Abdul-Mumin Issah. The public was encouraged to use the links, analytical_dashboard and CosT Sekondi to monitor and seekfor information to make duty bearers deliver without fail.