Training Day for the Heroes of the Road

by STMA / July 27th, 2023 /
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It was a bright morning in Sekondi Takoradi, as the Transport Unit of the Metropolitan Assembly prepared for a significant event – a one-day training program for all the dedicated drivers who served the Assembly. The air was filled with anticipation and a sense of purpose as the drivers gathered, ready to embark on a journey of learning and growth. The training program aimed to accomplish several essential goals, and at the top of the list was building the capacity of these skilled drivers. The "road" holds many challenges, and the Assembly wanted its drivers to be well-equipped to navigate them safely and responsibly. Additionally, the training aimed to sharpen their communication skills, recognizing the vital role of effective communication in their line of work. With the sun rising higher, the training commenced, and a range of important topics were on the agenda. The participants delved into road safety issues, learning from the experience and wisdom of seasoned experts. Road markings and signs became more than mere symbols on the road; they transform into guiding lights that would lead the drivers and their passengers safely to their destinations. Post Image

Amidst the eager faces of the drivers, prominent figures from the Assembly were present to support and encourage them. Among them were Mr. John Nana Owu, the dedicated Metro Coordinating Director, and Mr. Michael Adjei, the esteemed Head of Central Administration. Their presence was a testament to the significance of the training and the Assembly's commitment to its drivers' well-being. But the guest list did not stop there. The event was honored by the attendance of Mr. Mumuni Idrisu, the head of Human Resources Department and several other esteemed officers of the Assembly. The collective gathering of leaders and drivers reflected the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving the highest standards of service. The roster of resource persons was equally impressive, featuring esteemed professionals who brought their expertise to bare. The Western Regional Programs Manager for the National Road Safety Authority shared invaluable insights into enhancing road safety. Branch Managers from Unique Insurance and GLICO General in the Western Region emphasized on the importance of protection and security on the roads. And as a shining star among the resource persons, Assistant Director Genevieve Arku-Tandoh brought her wisdom and experience to guide the drivers on their journey.

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The drivers were immersed in a wealth of knowledge, covering essential topics such as what to do in the unfortunate event of an accident and the root causes of road accidents. Dos and don'ts of driving became ingrained in their minds, as they understood the tremendous responsibility they held while behind the wheel. Etiquette in driving and communication were equally emphasized, knowing that every interaction with passengers and other road users could shape the perceptionof the Assembly's services. As the day unfolded, a strong sense of camaraderie and shared purpose enveloped the participants. They realized that they were not merely drivers but the unsung heroes of the road, responsible for transporting people and goods safely across the city. In total, 40 drivers, including the Transport Officer, from all the Departments of the Assembly attended the training program. Each one left with newfound knowledge, strengthened skills, and a sense of pride in their role as ambassadors of safety and efficiency. As the sun began to set on this transformative day, the drivers returned to their duties, carrying with them the spirit of the training. They knew that with every journey they undertook, they had the power to make a difference – to safeguard lives and to be the embodiment of professionalism and courtesy on the road. And so, the Transport Unit of the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly continued to pave the way for a safer, more responsible, and more caring community on the roads, knowing that the heroes of the road had been nurtured, equipped, and inspired to take on the challenges that lay ahead.