Advice the Assembly on national policies regarding physical planning, land use and development. Planning and management of physical development and growth of human settlements in the country.
Co-ordinate activities and projects of departments and other agencies including NGOs to comply with planning standards.
Assist in preparation of Physical Plans as a guide for the formulation of development policies, decisions and design projects in the district.
Assist to identify problems concerning the development of the Assembly (land, social, environmental and economic)
Facilitate and participate in research into planning the Assembly.
Advise on setting out approved plans for future development of land.
Undertake street naming, numbering of houses and related issues
Assist to offer professional advice to aggrieved persons on appeals and petitions on decisions made on their building.
Advise on the acquisition of landed property in the public interest
Preparation of spatial and land use plans
Monitoring settlement growth and controlling development to ensure that human settlements function as healthy places for residence, work, and recreation.
Facilitating the processing of development and building permits
Provision of general land use planning and urban development advice


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