Owners, managers, or operators of Hotel, Motel, Guest House, Hostel, Restaurant and Eating-Houses are required to acquire environmental sanitation certification from the Assembly on the suitability of their facility or premises intended purpose and renew same annually.


All individuals and organizations wishing to operate a hotel, Motel, Guest House, Hostel, Restaurant or Eating-House within the Metropolis.


a) Purchase application form from Revenue Office at main office (Room 36) or download from the Assembly’s website..


The prospective developer must have the following:

Must have registered with the Registrar General’s Department and have been issued with Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate to commence Business.
Introductory letter from Ghana Tourist Authority.
Evidence of medically certified attendants to operate in the hospitality industry.


Submit completed forms with all other requirements as specified in the Building Permit Application and TCP 1 Forms to the officer in charge at the Development control office Room 47.
On submission, applicant is informed of corrections to be made or additions if any; the processing fee and date for inspection of site (if necessary).


Officers from Environmental and Public Health Unit Inspect Applicant’s premises and submit report on findings within three (3) working days of submission of application form.
Metro Environmental and Public Health Officer issues a Certificate of suitability to the applicant through Ghana Tourist Authority within two (2) working days after the inspection.
The Applicant is informed to contact Ghana Tourist Authority (GTA) for his/her license within seven (7) working days of submission of application form.
The Metropolitan Environmental Health and Public Health Officer upon approval by Ghana Tourism Authority recommends the Applicant to the Assembly for registration and issuance of Business Operating Permit (BOP) at an approved fee.
The Statutory Planning Committee Secretary submits approved plans to the Metro Works Department for issuing of development permit within five (5) working days.

Please Note: • Downloaded forms should be submitted with the appropriate payment receipts/slips.
• Fee charged by the Assembly depends on the type of, size and location of the business. Fees are subject to change and regulated by fee fixing resolution adopted by the Assembly annually.